With the formation of the Membership Committee this past year, much has been accomplished in establishing a “Path to Membership”. Maintaining a club at capacity provides for a solid revenue stream as well as good business practice. Our goal has been to have a clear and transparent system in place from the first time a person expresses interest in the Club to the time they become a shareholding member.

Do you know someone interested in membership?  Feel free to share these simple steps.

The Application process has three elements that must be completed and returned to the office before review and approval by the Committee. These include the application, a $25.00 application fee, and two letters of recommendation. Once received, the date of receipt is “time stamped” providing for chronological review and subsequent positioning on the “Wait List”. Upon approval by the Board of Directors, the applicant is placed on the Wait List in chronological order. This transparency allows for applicants to check their position on the “Wait List” at any time, and for anyone interested in looking at the Wait List to be able to do so.

As Non-Share Memberships become available, the first in position on the Wait List may exercise their option to become a Non-Share Member. If the applicant on the Wait List does not want to proceed, they are moved to the bottom of the Wait List. If they exercise their option to proceed, a deposit of $250.00 is required (which will be applied to the price of a share, once available) and the monthly dues are $125.00.

The Club roster is comprised of 120 Share Memberships (owners) and 50 Non-Share Memberships. As Share Memberships become available, the first in position on the Non-Share Roster may exercise their option to purchase a share membership. The cost of a Share Membership is $500.00 with the monthly dues of $110.00.  Dues can be paid in one of two ways - A) Year in Advance with a 5% discount or B) Monthly Auto Deduction from an account of your choice (ACH). 

The Membership Committee is proud to have achieved a transparent Path to Membership for the Tennis Club of Rio Del Mar.  We invite you to join the Committee or contact us with any questions.